Components of roller shot blasting machine

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Components of roller shot blasting machine

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1. Clean room
The cleaning chamber of the shot blasting machine is a large-capacity plate type box-shaped welding structure. The inner wall of the chamber is lined with a ZGMn13 wear-resistant protective plate. The cleaning operation is carried out in a sealed chamber.

2. Conveying roller
It is divided into indoor conveying roller table and loading and unloading section conveying roller table. The high chromium wear-resistant jacket and limit ring are used for the indoor rollerway jacket. The high chromium wear-resistant jacket is used to protect the roller table and withstand the impact of projectiles. The limit ring can make the workpiece run at a predetermined position to prevent deviation and cause accidents.

3. Hoist
Mainly composed of upper and lower transmission, cylinder, belt, hopper, etc. The upper and lower belt pulleys of the same diameter of the hoist adopt the rib plate, the wheel plate and the wheel hub to be assembled into a polygonal structure to enhance the friction force, avoid slippage, and prolong the service life of the belt. The hoist casing is bent into shape, and the cover on the middle casing of the hoist is opened to repair and replace the hopper and the overlap belt. Open the cover on the lower shell of the hoist to eliminate the blockage of the bottom projectile. Adjust the bolts on both sides of the upper shell of the hoist to drive the pull plate to move up and down to maintain the tightness of the hoist belt. The upper and lower pulleys adopt outer spherical ball bearings with square seats, which can be adjusted automatically when subjected to vibration and impact, and have good sealing performance.

4. Separator
The screw conveyor is mainly composed of a geared motor, a screw shaft, and a screw shell. Adopt the outer spherical ball bearing with square seat, the bearing can be adjusted automatically when subjected to vibration and impact, and the sealing performance is good.

5. Pill delivery tube
This blasting pipeline has dual blast control functions. Each gate is equipped with a gate to cut off the projectiles from the separator to facilitate maintenance of the respective blasting device. The opening size of the gate can adjust the flow of the projectile, and it can also be adjusted according to Any combination of specifications for cleaning workpieces, the number of opening and closing gates, to save energy, reduce the wear and tear on the machine, and ensure that the production needs are met.

6. Shot blasting machine
The single-disc shot blasting device has become the high-level shot blasting device in China today. It is mainly composed of rotating mechanism, impeller, cover, directional sleeve, blasting wheel, guard plate, etc. The impeller is made of Cr40 material and forged, and the blades, directional sleeve, blasting wheel and guard plate are all made of high chromium.

7. Purge device
This device uses a high-pressure fan, and is equipped with multiple sets of elastic blowing nozzles with different angles in the auxiliary chamber of the chamber to blow and clean the projectiles remaining on the surface of the workpiece.

8. Import and export sealing
The inlet and outlet sealing devices of the workpiece are all made of rubber spring steel plate. In order to prevent the projectile from splashing out of the cleaning room during shot blasting, there are multiple reinforced seals at the inlet and outlet of the workpiece, which are characterized by strong elasticity, long life, and sealing effect. Superb.

9. Dust removal system
The bag filter is mainly composed of a bag filter, a fan, and a dust removal pipeline to form a dust removal system. Dust removal efficiency can reach 99%.

10. Electrical control
The system adopts conventional control to realize the control of the whole machine, and adopts high-quality electrical components produced at home and abroad. It has the advantages of high reliability and convenient maintenance. The main circuit is realized by small circuit breakers and thermal relays to realize short circuit, phase loss and overload of each motor. Protect. It is equipped with multiple emergency stop switches to facilitate emergency shutdown and prevent the expansion of accidents.




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