Q6933 roller type shot blasting machine sent to Australia

  • Time of issue:2021-11-12
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Q6933 roller type shot blasting machine sent to Australia

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-12
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Today, the Q6933 roller shot blasting machine customized by the Australian customer has been produced. After the commissioning of our company's engineers, it has perfectly met the customer's requirements for cleaning the workpiece and is being equipped and shipped to Australia.
Roller-through shot blasting machine is mainly used for cleaning and rust removal of various steel surfaces. Steel structures such as H-beam, channel steel, square steel, flat steel and other steel structures that meet the size of the equipment to clean the workpiece can be used for roller-through blasting. Pill machine.


During the working process of the roller conveyor type shot blasting machine, the workpiece is sent to the shot blasting room through the roller conveyor system. The workpiece will receive the projectile from the shot blasting machine while moving forward, which will make the rust stains and oxide scales on the surface of the workpiece dirty The object quickly falls off and returns to a certain gloss. A certain degree of roughness on the surface will increase the adhesion of the later surface paint and improve the quality and service life of the workpiece. After the workpiece is cleaned, it will be sent out through the roller conveyor output system. Is removed, the entire workflow ends.

When it comes to machine operation, the first thing to pay attention to is safety. When cleaning the surface of the workpiece, the operator must do a good job of safety protection, such as wearing protective clothing, helmets, and protective glasses to prevent debris or other debris from splashing and hurting the operator.









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