Roller type shot blasting machine sent to Canada

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Roller type shot blasting machine sent to Canada

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This week, our company exported a roller conveyor shot blasting machine to Canada. This equipment is mainly used for cleaning and removing rust on the surface of steel. This roller conveyor shot blasting machine is a special purpose developed by our company according to the requirements of Canadian customers. Equipment, according to the size of the customer to clean the workpiece to design the arrangement and quantity of the shot blasting device, which can completely cover the cleaning part, and the cleaning effect meets the customer's requirements.

With the development of the steel application industry, people’s requirements for anti-corrosion performance are increasing. The shot blasting pretreatment of steel has been paid more Oxide scale, rust, grease and other impurities are present and must be removed before painting.

The good shot blasting pretreatment of the steel surface through the roller conveyor shot blasting machine can ensure the permanent combination with the coating system, so that the protected steel can be protected for a long time. The shot blasting pretreatment process can also increase the surface roughness and increase the coating and The contact area of ​​the steel, and the binding force of the paint and the object being coated.

The structure of the roller-through shot blasting machine is stable, and it can remove the defects, rust layer and oxide scale on the surface of the section steel very efficiently. The equipment is also very convenient to operate, even if you have never used the roller-through shot blasting machine. After a short training, you can quickly get started with the machine. Roller-through shot blasting machine is also a safe equipment. In case of any accident, the equipment can stop working quickly.

The cleaning chamber of the roller table pass-through shot blasting machine is a large-volume plate type box-shaped welding structure. The inner wall of the chamber is lined with a ZGMn13 wear-resistant protective plate, and the cleaning operation is carried out in a sealed chamber. The wear-resistant protective plate in the cleaning room is bolted with wear-resistant cover-casting nuts to protect the head of the bolt from damage, easy to disassemble and replace, and has a long service life.

Some necessary test instruments must be installed on each system of the roller-through shot blasting machine, so that it can truly grasp its operating status, and can accurately record these statuses. Through these records, You can understand the pressure difference of the system and the temperature of the inlet and outlet gas, so that you can quickly troubleshoot the problem once a situation occurs.

The blades of the roller-through shot blasting machine are often impacted by most of the projectiles thrown. Therefore, the blades are the fragile part of the shot blasting machine. When rotating at high speeds, the blades wear or break will cause the impeller to vibrate. If the blades are found to be deep The groove or more than half is worn out and should be replaced in time.





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