Operating Regulations of Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

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Operating Regulations of Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

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Operating procedures of crawler shot blasting machine:


1. Preliminary preparations, check whether the crawler shot blasting machine is normal, whether it meets the normal working standards, whether there are foreign objects in the transportation track, whether the compressed air has been fully prepared, whether the power supply is connected, and whether the various spare parts are intact, Whether the gravel has been prepared enough, turn on the main power supply and manage the electrical cabinet doors. The hook type shot blasting machine is divided into single hook and double hook. The hook type shot blasting machine uses two hooks to load workpieces into the shot blasting room alternately. Use the shot blasting machine to throw 0.2-0.8 shots to the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece can reach the roughness, so that the workpiece becomes beautiful, or the compressive stress of the workpiece is changed to increase the life.

2. Choose a suitable hook and place some components to be used on the hook. It is worth noting that the left and right parts of the components should be hung on the hooks as much as possible to prevent some malfunctions of the parts during the cleaning work.

3. When starting the machine, the staff should wear protective equipment, turn on the dust-cleaning machine and other main operating parts in turn, and then start cleaning. The pass-through shot blasting machine can work continuously and uninterruptedly. It can descale, clean and pre-treat various steel materials, such as steel plates, steels, steel beams, section steels, steel pipes and steel castings, in a continuous pass way. The operation is simple, just load the steel material on the machine, press the start button, after a short cycle, the system will automatically unload the processed material, that is, the entire cleaning process is completed, and all dust and residual pellets are removed. material.

4. Perform sand blasting operations in accordance with the instructions of the workpiece.

5. After the cleaning work is completed, the various small components of the shot blasting machine are stopped in sequence, the automatic transmission of the hook is stopped, and the lifting work of the elevator is also stopped.

6. Then open the gate of the workshop, pull the hook out of the gate and unload the workpiece.

7. Stop the operation of the dust removal system (if cleaning is continued, it does not need to stop its operation). Shot blasting machine is a casting equipment that uses high-speed projectiles thrown by a shot blaster to clean or strengthen the surface of the casting. The shot blasting machine can simultaneously shake out, remove the core and clean the castings. In some areas, it is also called sand blasting machine or sand blasting machine verbally. A processing technology in which steel grit and steel shots are shot and impacted on the surface of a material object at a high speed through a shot blasting machine. Compared with other surface treatment technologies, it is faster, more efficient, and can be partially retained or the casting process after stamping.

8. Clean up the remaining materials on the ground and on each track and do a good job of recycling, then turn off the power, pack all the utensils, and do a sanitary handover. After this, pay attention to check whether the various aftermath work has been solved well to prevent various hidden dangers of stability.



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