Q698 series roller type shot blasting machine sent to Australia

  • Time of issue:2021-10-15
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Q698 series roller type shot blasting machine sent to Australia

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  • Time of issue:2021-10-15
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Yesterday, the production and commissioning of the roller-type shot blasting machine customized by our Australian customer was completed, and it is being packed and shipped, and will be shipped to Australia soon.

In order to ensure that the product does not collide during transportation, we fix the equipment in the container with a strong fixing line to ensure the best quality service to our customers.



Q69 Steel Profiles shot blasting machines are used to remove scale and rust from metal profiles and sheet metal components. It applies to surface rusting and painting art of shipping, car, motorcycle, bridge, machinery, etc. By combining a conveyor with the appropriate crossover conveyors, individual process steps such as blasting, conservation, sawing and drilling can be interlinked.

This ensures a flexible manufacturing process and high material output.

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